Adventure and Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

“It was amazing. Best trip yet! The Calvert Trust has revolutionised our holidays. Our holidays there unite us a family… What you do is transform things for whole families not just for the disabled person. Thank you.”

Scheduled throughout the year to coincide with school holidays, our Family courses are for groups of under 12 people where one member of the party is under 18 and one member has a disability. This may be an adult with a disability coming with their partner and children, or a child with a disability coming with adult family members and siblings. Our Family courses are also relevant for under 18 year old service users who may be in care and coming with support workers.

We will match you up with other families to make activity groups of up to 12 people where the majority of the centre’s residents are also made up of families, encouraging the social aspect of the stay for adults and children alike.

Don’t take our word for it! Read our Visitor Experiences and Case Studies

We have a number of courses of different durations for Families on set dates throughout the year:

Weekends (3-nights, Friday – Monday with 2 full days of activities)

Midweeks (4-nights, Monday – Friday with 3 full days of activities)

Full weeks (7-nights, usually Saturday – Saturday with 6 full days of activities)

Irrespective of how your Family group is made up, you are here to have challenging and adventurous fun together while also socialising with other children and adults in a safe and supportive environment.

A visit to the stables is usually part of a Families Course.

Please read the information here regarding Weight Limits

If you have concerns that you may not be able to take participate due to being over the weight limit please speak to the Bookings Team.

Please note: all prices quoted are for EVERY person attending a family course (service users, family members, support workers etc) based on maximum occupancy of the rooms available.

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Benefits of Family Adventure Breaks

Having fun together

We know that for families with a disabled adult or child, the opportunities to enjoy activities together can be a struggle. Because of our specialist equipment and facilities, we enable the whole family to enjoy their stay taking part in everything we offer together as a unit. Irrespective of disability or non-disability, siblings, parents, grandparents or friends all achieve their goals together.

Self-belief and confidence

For many people with disabilities, achieving challenging activities in a supportive environment is huge boost to their sense of wellbeing which can be of benefit to their lives long after the visit has come to an end. Whether someone is trying activities for the first time, or returning to them after health issues meant they thought they could never do them again, the sense of achievement is immense.

Meeting new people

Families courses are a great opportunity to meet new people and share experiences. Adults and children with disabilities and their family members may have limited chances to meet others facing the same challenges in their daily lives, so a trip to the Calvert Trust is a great way to reinforce the fact that you are not alone, and many lasting friendships have been formed as a result.

What families have told us...

“Both our boys have their own individual challenges, it is wonderful to see them try things that take them out of their comfort zone and the look of joy on their faces when they achieve! All staff are so aware of the needs of individual visitors and that makes a huge difference to the enjoyment levels of all. I will continue to recommend Lake District Calvert Trust”

“We have never been able to enjoy a holiday were everyone is involved. Being able to share activities with our daughter and granddaughter was fantastic”

“The total accessibility and friendly staff made us all feel right at home”

“Our boy got a lot out of riding, the ropes challenge and indoor climbing and related activity. It was good to have been in the company of others with similar problems and outlook.”

“Don't have any doubts or worries about coming just book it. Excellent and friendly instructors who are extremely knowledgeable about various disabilities and equipment. Great to experience what non-disabled or able bodied can do together rather than watching from the side-lines. We will be returning!”

“As the parents of an Autistic child, our plan was to see our son experience new challenges and for him to be integrated with similar children. In sum, we have achieved all we set out for and more.”

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