Have a look at some recent feedback and reviews from our visitors. These are ver batim from feedback surveys, social media posts and emails *

“Everything from start to finish was excellent.”

“We will definitely come again …The experience for the children was amazing. Everything from start to finish was excellent You have a great team.”

“We had an amazing time at Calvert Trust. We achieved more than we could have hoped for. We formed new friendships and made memories that will last a lifetime. We tried things that we never thought were possible!”

“…don’t change anything.”

“Keep up the fantastic work, your facilities staff and instructors are a credit to Calvert trust . As ever a fantastic trip.”

“Everything we experienced was brilliant and very rewarding.”

“Every time we come to Calvert, we leave with friends for life.”

“As a carer it was so amazing and special to see how great the facilities and activities actually are and nobody is excluded to take part , in fact, quite the opposite, everyone is encouraged to take part.”

“Truly inspirational.”

“Parents always comment how their child has “come home a different person!”

“Loved every minute of it and can’t wait to go back. Thankyou everyone at the Calvert trust for helping me realize I can still do things, I just need a bit of help.”

“Keep doing what your doing.”

“The Instructors were amazing and made us feel as though we could achieve anything if we put our minds to it.”

Child quote to a Mum “Mummy I wish we could live here.”

“New friendships were formed and since our return, the boys have chatted continuously about our trip. They have grown in confidence and have much better self esteem due to being able to achieve on such adventurous activities.”

“The Calvert Trust is a fantastic facility for those with additional needs. It has truly inspired our young people and gave the confidence to achieve.”

“It’s been absolutely fantastic. We have had some really, really, really fantastic experiences and good times.”

“The food and the Centre itself is fab.”

“Just a quick e-mail to thank you and all the staff at Calvert Lakes for our AMAZING weekend. Everyone had a great time and some of the boys participated in activities they never thought they would be able to. We can’t wait to come back in 2019.”

“This is what the kids wanted more than anything else for Christmas, to come to the Calvert Trust.”

“What you do here, works.”

“What the pupils have experienced and learnt is priceless.”

“It was all totally worthwhile.”

“Absolutely brilliant!! Staff are so helpful and nothing is too much trouble. Food superb. So much to do and not enough time. What more do you need…..oh yes beautiful surroundings. They have that too.”

“It’s a 5-star experience in terms of a residential”

“It has been a privilege to witness our students’ self-confidence, self-esteem, life skills and independence develop. I’m very proud of all they have achieved.”

“I have enjoyed everything we have done this week and it has definitely helped my determination, motivation and courage skills just to name a few.”

“The staff are fantastic and patient”

“This place is a life changer, if you get offered the chance to go, take it, you will learn so much about yourself and others”

“Creating memories for our veterans and being able to experience things they’ve never been able to do before due to their physical disability”

“It was the best experience in my life fulfilled with joy. It was the best therapy I have ever had…”

“The food was amazing!”

“I have always recommended your services as you are all so professional”

“You guys as a team – you get the students that come here, you get what everyone needs. You interact with our students extremely well. You just seem to get it.”

“We brought 18 strangers together for this weekend and by the end of the first evening we were all friends”

“We keep coming back for a reason.”

“Had a great time last week. Amazing staff,facilities and the food!!! All children were catered for regardless of needs and nothing was too much trouble.”

“This was an amazing time for children and carers , so much fun had by all …”

“Having everyone outdoors in the fresh air doing things they didn’t think possible”

“…an amazing experience that taught each and everyone of us something positive as well as making lifelong friends”

“This is just the ideal of how the world should be for people with disability; the staff and their ethos just embodies that! We call it the ‘Calvert Bubble’ when we get back to school.”

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