In Memory of Robin Burgess

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The Lake District Calvert Trust was Robin Burgess’s favourite charity; he was a Trustee for 19 years & Chairman for 14 of those years. His contribution was immense.

The Trust recognises the economic disadvantage experienced by many people with disabilities. The charity’s philosophy is to try to ensure that no person with a disability should be deprived of the opportunity of a visit because of a lack of funds. So the Trustees are establishing a ‘Robin Burgess Bursary Fund’ which will have the objective of supporting disabled children and adults to participate in the Calvert Trusts unique programmes. Robin himself is the first contributor, having left a gift of £10,000.

Donations from anyone who knew Robin in support of this great cause that was so dear to his heart would be hugely welcome.

Robin steered the Trust successfully through some choppy waters and was instrumental in the successful completion of the Trust’s £3.8 million ‘Extending Equal Chance Appeal’ in 2011, which made such a positive impact on the Trust’s beneficiaries and the wider community. He was just such a lovely person, so knowledgeable, and incredibly caring. He epitomised the work of the trust; and really enjoyed seeing disabled visitors participate, always taking the time when visiting the Centre to talk to everyone he met and delighting in their smiling faces after they had achieved something that they thought was nigh on impossible. His wise judgement will be sadly missed.

Sophie shaking hands with Robin Burgess for the opening of the hydrotherapy pool

Robin wrote this short biography for our new website.


I am the fourth generation of my family to run the local independent media business based in Carlisle. Following school I joined the army for 3 years on a short service commission. I then joined Emap as a trainee newspaper manager in East Anglia.  Following this, I was appointed the classified advertisement manager in King’s Lynn.

I returned to Cumbria in 1976 to join CN Group.  During this time I was a member of the executive committee of the Boys Club (now Young Cumbria). I took over as Chief Executive of CN Group in 1985.  Over the next 30 years I have had a variety of roles outside CN.  In the industry I was a Director of the Regional Newspaper Advertising Bureau, Chairman of the Newspaper Society’s Editorial Committee, a Director or PressBoF (now defunct) and President of the Newspaper Society.

In Cumbria I was Treasurer of Carlisle Talking Newspapers and I am now a Trustee (Property Trustee).  I am President of Cumbria Deaf Association, I am a Trustee of the Cathedral Development Trust and a church warden at Scaleby.  I am a Trustee of Cumbria Community Foundation. I have been involved in partnership groups aimed at stimulating the Cumbrian economy.  They were Invest in Cumbria, Cumbria Vision and Carlisle Renaissance.

I joined the Calvert Trust as a trustee in 1985 and was Chairman from 2000 to 2014. The skills and knowledge I bring to the table are: accumulated knowledge of Calvert over my 30 years as a Trustee.  Knowledge of Cumbria and to some degree how it ‘clicks’.  I am reasonably financially astute.  I have reasonable understanding of business administration.  Hopefully a good dollop of common sense.

7 April 2015.

A group of people in smart clothes, Robin Burgess talking with Sophie on the day of the opening of our pool