Adults with Physical Disabilities

Adults with Physical Disabilities

The social aspect of a stay with the Calvert Trust is a fundamental part of the experience as so much time is spent interacting with the others in your activity group.

These courses are for those with physical disabilities only (including sensory) and while participants may need care support, we also accept unaccompanied adults who have no care or support requirements, but they would need to be confident in their own mobility and ability to self-transfer and would also need to complete an assessment form before arrival so that we are confident no support is required during their stay as we cannot provide it.

These courses may also be suitable for those with some forms of Cerebral Palsy, ABI and Stroke dependent on how they impact on the cognitive functions and / or communications of the participants. In these instances it is best to talk through with our bookings team which course may be best suited.

Please note that the activities we are offering have changed, so that they are in line with COVID-19 related guidance. This means that at present, we are not offering visits to the Riding Centre or operating our Zip Wire- for further up to date information please get in touch.

Dates for all our adult courses can be found here.

A participant with multiple sclerosis doing outdoor abseiling near the Bowderstone with the Lake District Calvert Trust