Meet Naz – and his curries…

Calvert Trust Lakes

Meet Naz the newest member of our catering team. Hailing originally from Bangladesh, Naz has adopted Britain as his home for the last 19 years. However, he has been delighting customers and guests around the world with his fresh, homemade Indian dishes for over two decades and now you can try them.


This week he’s sharing the ingredients that go into his extremely special Korma recipe – with Gaz’s help they’ve even created a gluten and dairy free!


It features: vegetable oil or dairy free butter, fresh coconut, onions, bay leaves, cardamom pods, coconut cream, salt, sugar, rose water.

We’re not telling you how much of each as we have to keep some secrets! So next time you’re booked to come, make sure you mention on your dietary requirements that you’d like to try Naz’s curry.