Activity Courses for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Adults with Learning Disabilities

We run more dates for adults with learning disabilities than any other activity group type, so while they are on set dates through the year we should have one that suits you!

These dates are for adults with learning disabilities who may also have associated physical disabilities. All participants will be 18 or over, but there is no other age restriction and participants can be anything from 18-80!

A visit to the stables is usually part of an Adult Individuals Course. Please read the information here regarding weight limits. If you have concerns that you may not be able to take participate due to being over the weight limit please speak to the Bookings Team.

The majority of participants will need to bring their own care support, who can be a friend, family member or care professional. We can accept unaccompanied adults with mild learning disabilities who have no care or support requirement, but they will need to complete an assessment form before arrival so that we are confident no support is required during their stay as we cannot provide it.

Date for all our adult courses can be found here.

Two people balancing over a long wire on the High Ropes Course