Heritage Care, Lincolnshire – it was “absolutely amazing”!

Friday 28th September – Monday 1st October 2018

Twelve members from the Heritage Care in Lincolnshire visited the Calvert Trust for the weekend at the end of September 2018. Heritage Care is a charitable organisation that provides a range of flexible individualised care and support services for people with learning disabilities, mental health support needs and older people. We caught up with Lisa Nicholson, the group leader during the weekend, to find out a little more about their visit here.

Lisa has been fortunate enough to have stayed at the Calvert Trust twice previously so is familiar with the centre. However, Lisa was keen to return with another group of individuals due to the setting, the facilities and the staff. She said, “The staff are dedicated, experienced, patient and encouraging. It really is an outstanding place to visit.”

Despite a relatively short visit here, the instructors have filled up their time by taking the group ghyll scrambling (descending in a mountain stream), bushcraft, canoeing, the high ropes course and the zip wire. Lisa said she was impressed with the group in the ghyll scrambling as they all helped and supported each other out which was so rewarding to see.

Lisa added. “The most challenging activity were the high ropes. I think it’s because of getting over the fear of doing it; stopping and thinking about how they are going to get across.” Lisa re-iterated that again, support and encouragement meant that everyone achieved the activity gaining confidence as they worked together as a team.

Asked if the course has had a positive impact on the group Lisa answered: “Yes, most definitely. It’s about gaining confidence and working together as a group although they haven’t known each other before now. I’ve got a gentleman who is 73 years old and had never been on holiday, so to actually see him away from his home and doing the activities in the Lake District was great”.

Her advice for people looking to book a course at the Calvert Trust was simply “Just go for it!” Lisa summed up the weekend here as “absolutely amazing” with “trusting staff”.

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