Our accessible bike fleet features a range of bikes which have which feature adaptations to meet the needs of our guests. We have got a range of conventional bikes as well as trikes, recumbent, double bikes and a wheelchair platform bike. We have the facility to hoist a chair user into many of our bikes, so they can join the fun! Our bike fleet is currently based at the Watch Tree Nature Reserve, around a 40 minute journey from the centre in one of our minibuses. Watch Tree itself was built on the site of an old airfield, being traffic free, is flat, and has a small practice area especially for cycling, as well as a 5 km loop around the site, is the perfect venue to go and explore.

Our accessible bikes are specially adapted to the needs of our guests. We have got conventional bikes as well as trikes, a double bike, a double hand bike and a bike with a wheelchair platform. If you are a chair user you can be hoisted onto e.g. the double hand bike to join the fun! You can enjoy cycling at our cycling venue at the Watchtree nature reserve, which we have chosen because it is very plane and therefore fun to cycle at. It’s a 45 min drive from our Centre and we would get there together in our minibuses.

Sometimes we understand that a person can not be transferred or hoisted from their own wheelchair, that is where our platform bike comes into its own.

Our platform bike allows a chair user to remain in their own wheelchair, and joined by someone at the rear, who is in control of the steering, brakes and pedal power, still go on a short (or long) ride around the nature reserve.


A bike where a wheelchair can be mounted to the platform in the front and another person uses the pedals. You can see the yellow ramp which helps to get the wheelchair onto the platform.

A bike with a platform in the front to carry a person in a wheelchair

Our double hand crank bike is ideal for those with limited lower limb mobility. Two people sit side by side and use double hand controls to power their adventure. Each side has separate gears and braking systems allowing freedom of movement and helping support those who require it.

We also have a range of single person hand crank bikes, for those who seek a bit more independence.

A double handbike where you cycle and steer with your arms.

A double hand bike where two people sit side by side and use double hand control to power the bike

Our Drasin Twister comes all the way from Germany and is a semi recumbent double cycle. It features a side by side riding position, with a single or double set of controls, with additional back support and seat belts for those who require them.


A double bike, where two people can individually use the pedals in a different gear and with different speed.

A bike for two people sitting side by side

Our fleet of KMX Karts are our popular recumbent style bike. With a lower riding position, balance is not an issue, and allows riders to quickly get to grips with cycling without the fear of falling off. All the gears, brakes and steering is controlled on the handlebars. We have a full range of sizes to suit almost every rider.


One of our trikes, where your body is mostly horizontal, you pedal with your legs and steer with your arms.

One of our KMX bikes with three wheels which allow you to ride in a lower position without worrying about balance