Covid-19 Statement

Following the latest government guidance, we are reopening the centre to residents from August taking into account current Covid-19 measures and advice.  Calvert Lakes will always put the safety of our guests and staff first and we have been working hard on how we can reopen safely and responsibly.

We have identified a number of possible risks and worked on mitigating actions and procedures, even if this means a reduction in our capacity and changes to the activities we offer and their delivery.

We have listed the actions we are taking to ensure the safety of visitors and staff below:

  • Room Allocations:
    Rooms will only be shared by people from the same household/support bubble. There will no longer be unaccompanied individuals who arrive separately sharing a room on our Adults courses. For larger groups, Group Leaders need to be responsible for who can share, which may result in more rooms being allocated to a group that would be the case in normal operations.
  • Social Distancing:
    In all aspects of life at the centre and on activities, we are adhering to social distancing guidelines (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation, such as face coverings, where 2m is not viable ) between different households/support bubbles. Calvert Lakes will take relevant measures throughout the premises and while on activities, but it is the responsibility of the carer / family member / support worker to ensure that those in their charge can maintain social distancing. If there are members in your group that are unable to socially distance, then please highlight this to us at point of booking.
  • Catering and Mealtimes:
    Dependent on the number of residents in the centre, breakfast and dinner may be staggered and table layout will support social distancing. The dining area may be closed outside of meal times and all meals will be served by Calvert Lakes staff from the servery. There will be a separate entrance and exit with a one-way system put in place. All existing food and drink safety procedures will remain in place. Drink making facilities will be in each guest room. Vending machines will be switched off. Residents will not be able to use the communal toilet next to the dining room and are advised to use the toilets in their rooms at all times.
  • Communal Spaces:
    Areas such as the bar / games room may have restricted access dependent on the number of residents in the centre and ‘slots’ for use may be allocated by the Duty Instructor. Numbers of seats will be reduced and sanitizing equipment will be in place so that equipment such as pool cues can be wiped before and after use. The toilets in the games room will not be available for guests.
  • Pool and Sensory Room:
    Our Pool is currently closed to residents and the public due to a fault in the pool equipment following lockdown. This is being rectified as fast as we are able. The sensory room is open to residents only, and limited to one household/ support bubble per time slot. Both the pool (when it is reopened) and the sensory room will have slots available for residents during their stay. Both will be subject to additional cleaning by Calvert Lakes staff.
  • Intense Cleaning and Disinfecting:
    We are increasing cleaning and disinfection frequency throughout the centre, paying attention to high frequency touch points, with as much ventilation of public areas as the layout and weather allows.
  • Sanitising Stations:
    We have installed alcohol-based hand sanitising units in all public and staff areas throughout the centre. Additionally, there will be a number of signs throughout the centre reminding residents and staff to use hand-sanitiser frequently.
  • Protective Barriers:
    There will be a protective screen at the reception desk to separate those checking in or making face to face enquiries with the reception staff. Similarly, there will be a protective screen in the bar / tuckshop for those purchasing drinks, snacks and merchandise. All purchases will be by card only (and contactless dependent on value) as no cash will be handled. Please note however, that due to the nature of the food service, a protective screen will not be situated between the kitchen and the dining area. Please see point 3 for more details on catering operations.
  • Bedrooms and Accommodation Corridors:
    These will be cleaned and disinfected on changeover days using our normal cleaning techniques, disinfectants and equipment. In addition, bedrooms will be further treated using new disinfectant fogging machines. In order to allow for this extra level of disinfection, accommodation will not be available until 5pm on arrival days and guests will be asked to vacate their accommodation by 9.30am on their day of departure. Where possible, and to assist with thorough cleaning and disinfection, soft furnishings will be removed from bedrooms. As a new policy, to reduce the risk to guests and staff, bedrooms and accommodation corridors will not be entered and cleaned on a daily basis by our housekeeping staff during the course of a guest’s stay. As per government guidance, bed linen will be washed in accordance with the manufactures guidance and our normal practise at a temperature of 60 degrees centigrade.
  • Team Training:
    All staff members will go through a comprehensive hygiene and prevention training programme suitable to their positions. Relevant team members who may come into closer contact with visitor may also wear PPE provided to them by Calvert Lakes.
  • Activity Provision:
    Separate risk assessments for individual activities are available upon request, as is an overview. Please contact the centre for more details.
  • Stables:
    Until further notice, visits to the stables will not feature as part of activity breaks delivered by Calvert Lakes. However, the stables will be providing riding on a session by session basis to local riders and as part of their RDA remit. Please contact them direct on 017687 72250 to discuss, including requesting access to their own risk assessment.

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Please call us on 017687 72255 if you would like to discuss more detail on our COVID-19 policies.