Cosgrove Care – A chance to try new things

Friday 12th October to Monday 15 October 2018, 12 visitors

Cosgrove Care, based in Glasgow, help to improve the lives of people with additional support needs and their families to give them the same opportunities as everyone else. This weekend we had 8 young students from the age of 12 to 21 who have a range of support needs. I caught up with Sarah, a Senior Support Worker who gave me a little more insight into their visit to the Lake District Calvert Trust (LDCT).

As this was Cosgrove Care’s third visit this year to the LDCT, I was keen to understand why they chose us. “It’s really ideal for us as it provides the young people with expert outdoor activities that they simply wouldn’t be able to do without that assistance” Sarah said. “We like to give the people we support a chance to try new things and mix with a group of people with a similar age and similar needs. They do not always have chance to do this at their school or college.”

They had a wet Saturday, however that did not spoil the enthusiasm; the group went canoeing and did archery on Saturday, and Sunday involved Rock and Rope course and bushcraft. Sarah explained how impressed she was with the group whilst canoeing as despite the weather, they all got on well doing something altogether. Progress was made especially during the rock climbing activity as on both previous visits, one of the students would not put a climbing harness on, due to being quite scared, although this time she got halfway up the wall, with encouragement from Rob and Matt, the instructors!

The weekend has been really beneficial for the group, however if it wasn’t for the bursary funding then the weekend would not have taken place at all. Cosgrove are very grateful to both the Calvert Trust bursary and the Short Breaks fund who enabled this to happen. Sarah said, “They have all had a really good time and all have really enjoyed themselves. However, if wasn’t for the bursary funding as well as the Short Breaks fund then the majority of the families would not have been able to afford it – it’s been fantastic.”

Asking what special features the LDCT has, Sarah and the group as a whole loved the onsite hydro pool, “After a day of activities it is great that you can come back and all get in the pool together. This is something that especially the girls enjoyed as they are not a fan of using a public pool. They put the music on, it was maybe a bit warmer and a bit more private.”

Sarah commented how great the Centre was as there is a variety of things on offer that gives flexibility. She was impressed that we could adapt to the needs of the group.

All in all a great experience for Cosgrove Care’s 3rd visit this year; we look forward to maybe seeing them 4, 5 or perhaps 6 times next year…?!

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