Chris and James Duff make a welcome return to Calvert Lakes

“It is perfect that the Calvert Trust is open.”

James, 17, and his father Chris have visited Calvert for the fourth time this August. James’ mum Anne explains how the experience of lockdown has been:
“Lockdown has been hard. James doesn’t understand why everything has changed. Although James has been able to go to school, his respite service has been severely cut back. With everything closed (especially swimming pools) it has been hard to keep him occupied.
It’s great that the Calvert Trust has been able to reopen this summer. James has been able to spend time with his Dad in a safe and familiar environment and I have managed to catch up on some much needed sleep and recharge my batteries.”
James and Dad Chris Duff enjoying cycling at Calvert Lakes

“Every time we come James has become more used to the centre, meaning he has taken part in more and more activities. There is a great combination of simple structure to the day and new activities we would not normally do. It is a great opportunity for James to experience different things.”
James’ favourite activities at the Calvert Trust are horseriding (which unfortunately he was not able to do this trip), cycling and sailing.
“We love the sociability of the centre” it was not just because of the months of self-isolation that Chris and James appreciate the social atmosphere of the Trust. For them, there is a real sense of community and togetherness where different families can bond and form close friendships in a short space of time.
Coming back for their visit after lockdown, Chris observed that “the Trust feels quieter but also more relaxed which suited James.”

Overall, Chris can “spend good quality time with James and have a great time. We make great memories which we are able to relive after each trip”
Chris also works for a charity and says he recognises how important it is right now for charities to be doing their absolute best for their clients. At this time especially, they must be trying their hardest to support the people who need their service and help, and that is why they are so grateful for the Calvert Trust.

“The fact that the Calvert Trust are continuing to put on courses and activities, it is exactly what James and I need and want.”