Thank you to everyone who entered - the standard was amazing.

See below for a complete list of winners and runners-up

Under 19s

Winner: Amy age 10.

Runner-up: Jasmine age 14.

Runner-up: Harvey age 13.

Over 19s

Winner: Natalie Parr.

Runner-up: Sarah Kidd .

Runner-up: Ruth Cowan.

Carers and Family Members

Winner: Jessica Greasby.

Runner-up: Tracey Stone.

Runner-up: Janet Parker.

Competition winner Jessica Greasby and family are enjoying their prize at the centre.

Jessica (centre) and her family get a warm welcome from Calvert Bear on their arrival at the centre. They will be enjoying a full week of activities including, horse riding, canoeing and a mine visit. Jessica prize-wining story can be read in full below.
Greasby family get a warm wlecome from Calvert Bear on their arrival at the centre.

The world is full of inspiring stories - this was your chance to tell yours ...

We had a wide range of entries from amazing and moving tales of family life, to the difficulties people’s disabilities give them, to exciting fictional adventures.

Many stories were filled with hope and determination to enjoy life and live it to the full, and others were often a glimpse of the truly tough times some people have.

It was a challenge to pick the winners as all the entries were brilliant and some even made our judges cry!

Click on the exerts below to read the full story in each section.


A Glimpse of Autism by Amy Under 19 Winner

Hi, my name is Amy. I think my life is practically an emotional rollercoaster. There has been ups, downs and lots of surprises along the way. Life with Asperger Syndrome can be worse than meets the eye. Sure, it’s a problem where you can’t socialise very well, right? Wrong. It is so much more. Yes, my social status is quite low – let’s start with that.



A Little Bit of Rope and a Touch of Magic by Natalie Over 19 Winner

The sun rose that morning, but all went black, all went still, the dancing had stopped, the lights had gone off and I was alone, totally alone. I could hear the music, I could see the dancing, but I was no longer a part of all that. I was now trapped inside a body that once had been fit, full of life and adventure, but now was unable to move from my chest down.



My World Is different but I Am Unique by Jessica Families/Carers Winner

I have written this story on behalf of my little brother who came home every day ecstatic at the day he had spent with his grandfather. This story is in memory of him. Imagine a world where you are different. You see the world differently. Lights and smells and sounds. I love to spin the world around me spinning into a blob of colours. The sound of the trickling water rushing over gaping rock faces and plummeting to the ground below. The sheep in their paddock waiting for the Shepard. The sound the gravel makes under foot. I love nature and I thank my granddad solely for allowing me to be part of it. He taught me that even though people call me different I am just unique in my own personal way.