Campsie View School – growing in confidence

Tuesday 2nd October – Friday 5th October 2018

Campsie View School is based in Lenzie, Glasgow. It is a school for children and young people with additional support needs arising from complex and multiple needs. A different group from Campsie View School has previously visited the Calvert Trust last year so they decided to give another group the chance to come. Simon, the group leader was telling us how the children experienced the week at the Calvert Trust. They appreciate the facilities and activities that are offered, which are “very well suited to the needs.”

Activities have included horse riding, archery, high ropes, the zip wire, rock and rope, bush craft, hiking and swimming with the latter being most fun, as everyone was in the pool having fun collectively together. When asked about the most challenging activity Simon replied, “It is different for each individual, depending on the pupils needs. All of our students took part in every activity, so they rose to the challenge. The pupils have had a positive experience and a successful week.” Simon said, “They grew in confidence.” When asked which particular individuals have stood out Simon said “no individuals have stood out, because they were all stars.”

He continued, “It can be very hard to find an outdoor centre that meets our pupils needs.  I think the Calvert Trust, and particularly this Centre, is ideal for us.”

Simon explained that for the group it has been a great experience to visit the Calvert Trust. He continued “Especially for the children it’s an opportunity to try new things together with their friends that they never had done before.”

Simon summarized the week as “fabulous” and “fun.” We would love to see Campsie View School back next year for more fabulous fun!


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