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We welcome a wide variety of school groups to the centre throughout the year and enjoy the benefits of a residential outdoor activity break. As a SENCO or school group residential leader, be rest assured that our facilities and activities are fully accessible with specialist adapted equipment operated by expert and experienced staff.

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A school group is defined as a group of 12 or more people, which includes pupils/service users, staff, care support workers etc. Please see below for our Group Pricing Policy.

All groups have access in the evenings to our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool and sensory room, plus use of the games room and sports hall. There are plenty of opportunities for socialising and team-building after a busy day of activities.

We can offer a number different durations for school visits, at ANY time of year (except over Christmas and New Year), if we have availability:

Weekends (2- or 3-nights, Friday – Sunday or Monday with 2 full days of activities)

Midweeks (4-nights, Monday – Friday with 3 full days of activities)

Full weeks (7-nights, usually Saturday – Saturday with 6 full days of activities)

A residential ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ visit should be fun for all involved, but with good planning, there can other additional benefits and quantifiable outcomes too. The degree to which these outcomes are achieved very much depends on whether your goals are recreational, educational, social, rehabilitative, or all of them! Both before and during your visit we will work with you to deliver your goals, with much of what we do being applicable to a ‘Skilled for Life’ or similar programme.

Group Pricing Policy.
Due to the logistics of running a course we have a group pricing policy, starting at a minimum group size of 12 people. This increases in groups of 6, up to 60 people (ie the next ‘price band’ is for 18 people, then 24, then 30 etc). If you therefore have a group of, for example, 22 people, you will pay for 24 in total, although you will be better off bringing 24 if you can! If your school group is smaller than 12, then we recommend a suitable Families course if applicable to your group.

Please note: all prices quoted are for EVERY person attending a school course (pupils/service users, staff, care support workers etc) based on maximum occupancy of the rooms available.

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Benefits of Outdoor Education

Confidence, independence and social skills

For many this may be the first time away from home, so it isn’t just the activities that help develop life skills. The activities themselves allow achievement of things your pupils may not believe they could do, driving self-belief and confidence, plus many involve teamwork so helping social interaction. The pupils also participate in everyday tasks such as making tea and laying tables – and above everything, we encourage them to have fun with their friends!

Physical Exercise

The nature of the programme means that pupils will be far more physically active than they are in their day to day lives. In addition to boosting self-belief and confidence, there are potential long-term benefits with these residential stays providing a catalyst for pupils to continue with physical exercise on their return to school, especially if you can provide a framework to continue to deliver activities such as orienteering or cycling.

A shared experience

The benefits of learning outside the classroom can last long after the trip has taken place, with pupils and staff now having a shared point of reference. Seeing your pupils in a residential environment will really develop your understanding of them as individuals so that if you are having issues in the classroom, you can refer back to that shared experience to distract them from whatever was the catalyst of that challenging behaviour, facilitating re-engagement.

What teachers have told us...

“One member of our group had never been away from home for any longer than one night. To complete a full week here at CT was fantastic! All down to staff, facilities and engaging activities”

“We brought a young group that hadn't been away before and from tears on the first day through fear of the unknown to tears on the last day because we were leaving and they had had a brilliant time”

“The most worthwhile thing is the encouragement to work as part of a team during all the activities. This has a massive effect on the students and it is something that is proving to stay with the students after the trip”

“One child had never been away from home, but cried as he didn’t want to leave as he had had so much fun, and been given the chance to have fun. Another child is tube fed at home due to refusal to eat. They ate everything and it turns out they simply wanted a choice. The first meal back at home was eaten with the family. This has never happened before”

“The best things were general teamwork and developing independence, meeting new people and engaging appropriately. The challenges were suitable for all and we were proud of all our pupils’ achievements”

“The whole visit has been very worthwhile and has given all the students a life changing experience”

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