Large (non-school) Groups: 12+ people

We welcome a wide variety of disability groups to the centre throughout the year. Irrespective of whether you are a charity, a sports club, a care organisation or an informal support network, you can bring your group to the Calvert Trust and enjoy the benefits of a residential outdoor activity break using our specialist facilities.

We define ‘Large Groups’ as bookings made on behalf of a formal or informal organisation where the number of attendees on the visit is 12 or more (which includes carers, support workers etc). Please see below for our Group Pricing Policy.

We have a courses for different large group types, for different durations at ANY time of year (except over Christmas and New Year), if we have availability:

Weekends (2- or 3-nights, Friday – Sunday or Monday with 2 full days of activities)

Midweeks (4-nights, Monday – Friday with 3 full days of activities)

Full weeks (7-nights, usually Saturday – Saturday with 6 full days of activities)

The group can be any combination of ages, plus family members, friends, volunteers or professional care workers. Whether your group is interested in rehabilitation, building confidence and independence, developing social skills, or just having fun outdoors together, our experienced team can work with you before your visit to make the most of your group’s visit to the centre.

Group Pricing Policy.
Due to the logistics of running a course we have a group pricing policy, starting at a minimum group size of 12 people. This increases in groups of 6, up to 60 people (ie the next ‘price band’ is for 18 people, then 24, then 30 etc). If you therefore have a group of, for example, 22 people, you will pay for 24 in total, although you will be better off bringing 24 if you can! If your group is smaller than 12, then we recommend a suitable Adults or Families course if applicable to your group.

Please note: all prices quoted are for EVERY person attending a group course (service users, staff or care support etc) based on maximum occupancy of the rooms available.

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Benefits of the Calvert Trust

Bringing people together

Many of our groups come from disability specific charities or volunteer organisations, so participants get to meet and share experiences with other people facing similar challenges in their daily lives. This allows them to experience the activities we offer together, helping each other to achieve and succeed in a supportive environment. The facilities in the centre can also be used as a great environment for socialising and discussing the day’s triumphs and the challenges ahead.

Self-belief and confidence

For many people with disabilities, achieving challenging activities in a supportive environment is huge boost to their sense of wellbeing which can be of benefit to their lives long after the visit has come to an end. Whether someone is trying activities for the first time, or returning to them after health issues meant they thought they could never do them again, the sense of achievement is immense.

An accessible environment

In addition to the challenges people face in their daily lives, it is often hard for disability groups to enjoy time together because of the lack of large fully accessible facilities available. With our centre and all our activities fully accessible, no one has to worry about their specific requirements being catered for, irrespective of the size of your group. We cater for all types and complexities of disability and negate the need to bring your own specialist equipment.

What groups have said..

“The experience has been great and our group has faced fears together, achieving things we never thought possible"

“One of our group was sure that they would not be able to attempt any of the activities and the trip be a waste of time. They went on to complete everything and will leave Keswick a more settled and confident person”

“Our service user spends most if not all of his time in a chair with a lot of equipment that is attached to the chair and himself. We were unsure whether or not they would be able to do any of the tasks but they was able to do everything, which was absolutely fantastic!”

"Being able to spend some social time together and see people in different situations has taught us all a lot about each other."

“The majority of our group are children and adults have dwarfism. It's fantastic to come together and be challenged and do things we never thought possible. Staff at the Calvert Trust are fantastic in helping us achieve that. It lifts our confidence and self-esteem in being able to return home and face everyday challenges of life. Thankyou everyone x”

“Everything was worthwhile from start to finish. Watching people achieving their goals daily and growing with confidence made my time at the Calvert trust Amazing”

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