Adventure for Adults

Adult courses are group activity courses are for those aged 18 or older who may be visiting the centre on their own, or with a small group of other adults where all members of the party are over 18 years old. The activities will be run in groups of up to 12 people.

We have a number of different durations for adult courses, on set dates throughout the year:

Weekends (3-nights, Friday – Monday with 2 full days of activities)

Midweeks (4-nights, Monday – Friday with 3 full days of activities)

Full weeks (7-nights, usually Saturday – Saturday with 6 full days of activities)

The adults may be an individual adult with disabilities who requires none or very low levels of support, an adult with disabilities coming with their partner, friend or other family members, or with professional care support. These courses are also suitable for small groups (under 12 people) of adults with disabilities from care or supported living organisations.

As with all courses at the Calvert Trust, we will ensure that you have a challenging and adventurous stay while also having the opportunity to socialise with others in the centre and have full use of all our facilities.

Where possible we match different ages and physical abilities in activity groups together. We have specific dates set aside for young adults, aged 16-25 years old, adults with learning disabilities who may also have an associated physical disability, adults who have a physical disability only, plus groups for adults who require no, or very low levels of support.

Please note: prices are for EVERY adult attending an Adult course (service users, care support etc) based on 2 people sharing a twin room.

Take a look at our Families and Adults brochure here

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Benefits of Adult Adventure Breaks

Getting away from routine

We provide a structured and safe environment for adults with disabilities to enjoy a change of scenery and have a really rewarding break in the beautiful surrounds of Lake District. You will be secure in the knowledge that all our facilities and accommodation will meet your requirements, and that while challenging, all the activities are achievable and fun.

Self-belief and confidence

For many people with disabilities, achieving challenging activities in a supportive environment is huge boost to their sense of wellbeing which can be of benefit to their lives long after the visit has come to an end. Whether someone is trying activities
for the first time, or returning to them after health issues meant they thought they could never do them again, the sense of achievement is immense.

Meeting new people

As a great opportunity to meet new people, and to ensure that everyone has the most rewarding time, where possible we put people of similar abilities and confidences together. Because of the social nature of these courses, we often find that people come back on the same date time and time again to meet up with friends that they have previously made because they have had so much fun together.

What participants have told us...

“TRUST THE STAFF!!!!! They can get you to do anything”

“Being at Calvert Lake District, has re-ignited something inside me that had been dormant for some time. It is the desire to try new things and to put any fear to one side, put your trust in others and 'have a go! Seeing others less able taking part whilst dealing with the everyday challenges their respective disabilities bring is truly inspirational beyond belief!”

“Calvert trusts Is a place where goals are achieved and amazing friendships are formed. There are no barriers to achievement. Everyone has fun and I can't wait to come back!!!”

“Seeing other people accept their disabilities helped me accept mine more”

“It was my friend’s first visit to the Calvert Trust and they have done and experienced things they have never done before with great pleasure and excitement. All the staff are so friendly and helpful and concentrate on what you can do and not what you can't do which improves your confidence for everyday life”

“Strangely and most surprisingly, out of all the amazing and challenging things I did, it was the walk up to the zip wire without a walking aid (first time since the stroke) that was my biggest achievement. I felt able to attempt it because I have regained so much confidence this week because of the belief of others in my abilities”

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