Here at the Lake District Calvert Trust, we receive visitors from around the UK and beyond from a wide variety of Schools, Charity Groups, Clubs, Individuals and Families.   We can cater for all disabilities – from those with mild learning difficulties but who are fully ambulant, to those with profound and complex conditions.   We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a meaningful, fun and adventurous programme of activities suited to our visitors’ confidence and abilities. We structure our programmes depending on the type of group and number of participants.


Learning outside the classroom on a residential break with the Lake District Calvert Trust is great for pupils with special educational needs. In a fully adapted and safe environment they can develop their independence, realise their abilities and practice socials skills through challenging but achievable activities. The benefits of a residential stay remain long after the visit has finished and can provide impetus for continued physical exercise in everyday life, with us tailoring your course to help achieve your educational goals.

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Whether you are a disability charity, club or informal support network, the Lake District Calvert Trust can deliver an action-packed experience for your organisation. Our Group Courses allow adults and children with disabilities to enjoy adventurous activities in a challenging, safe and specially adapted environment. In addition to having fun in the company of friends, family, volunteers or support workers, these residential trips help those with disabilities in developing independence, realising abilities, practicing socials skills and, hopefully, providing the impetus for continued physical exercise in everyday life.

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Taking place on set dates throughout the year to coincide with UK school holidays, these breaks allow the whole family to have fun and challenge themselves together in a safe and specially adapted environment. You will take part in a set range of activities along with other family groups which provides for a social experience too, irrespective of age or disability. Courses are also open to children with disabilities coming with non-familial adult care support, as our definition of a ‘Family’ is that one member of the group is under 18 and one has a disability – although this doesn’t have to be the same person.

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These fun and challenging activity breaks are aimed at adults with disabilities, allowing them to come to the Lake District Calvert Trust and take part in a range of set activities with their friends, partners, adult family members or care workers. Taking place on a number of set dates throughout the year, these courses are also suitable for smaller groups coming from care or supported living organisations. We offer a range of dates matching you, where possible, with those of a similar disability, age or level of physical ability and adventurousness. We also offer ‘Buddy’ breaks for unaccompanied adults with low support needs.

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What people have to say...

The activities that we do while at the Calvert Trust help build strong relationships encourage communication and teamwork and are ideal as our attendees work together to build their confidence and self-esteem irrespective of the nature or complexities of their disabilities. Away from home and in a residential setting, they also have the opportunity to become more independent rather than having to rely on their families or carers to do some of the things they are actually capable of doing themselves, but just need the confidence and opportunity to practice. A shared experience such as this is something they will remember for the rest of their lives and can have a lasting benefit long after the week has finished.

Mark, Group Leader, Rotary District 1190

The activity schedule is about meeting physical limitations, but stretching and challenging individuals so that they can overcome their fears. The children most definitely get advantages from the trip in terms of self-confidence and empathy with their peers, but what really develops is our understanding of the children as individuals. Seeing them in a challenging external, and a domestic environment, means that you learn more about them in a week than you do in a year in the school. It also means in the classroom at a later date, you can refer back to that shared experience to engage with them on a level that would not have been possible otherwise.

Tony, Group Leader, Astley Park School

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