How do I get to the centre?

Click here to go to Google maps

I’ve been to the centre but didn’t get the opportunity to leave feedback.

While we very much hope that everyone who comes to the centre has a great time we are always looking for ways in which we can improve and adapt what we do. We encourage residents to fill out our customer feedback form while you are, but if you were unable to do this, you can link through to the survey here.

What do you do with the data you collect?

Due to the nature of our business, we have to collect data for a variety of reasons, including medical details for every attendee which we need before allowing residents to stay overnight or partake in activities. Please be assured however that we comply with all rules and regulations regarding data protection and permissions.   If you would like to know more our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Do you have an overview of information for Group Organisers?

Downloadable here, our Group Organisers Information sheet covers the information in our Visitors Information sheet, but in more detail. It also includes our cancellation charges and our group size policy.

Do you have an overview of information for visitors who haven’t been involved in booking the trip?

Our Visitors Information sheet can be downloaded and covers a variety of subjects including  kit requirements, our location, meal times and other useful information.

What is your level public liability insurance?

We are covered for up to £5m for any  one instance in accordance with recommended guidelines. A copy of our liability insurance can be found here.

Do you have lifeguards at your hydrotherapy pool?

We don’t have lifeguards at our pool, so at least 1 competent adult per group needs to do an induction covering safety, alarms and water features; more details on everything to do with the pool can be found on our Water Centre page.   If you are coming as a group leader or carer in a professional capacity, in addition to doing the induction you will also need to do a pool risk assessment for your group. A sample risk assessment can be found here.

I’ve misplaced my Medical Form, can I have another?

Sure just click here to download another.

Do you have risk assessments for all your activities?

Everything we do at the Calvert Trust is fully risk assessed and we hold a variety of relevant licenses for our activities, as well as processes for security, safeguarding and a variety of emergencies.   We have a summary of all our risk assessments in one document, but can answer additional specific questions on request.  (Click here to download Risk Management Summary)

Are you a licenced activities centre?

Yes, we are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) who are an independendent organisation who inspect centres such as ours on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive. Click here to download our AALA licence.

Do all attendees have to come with a family member or carer?

We do not provide any care support at all, so if someone needs care in their daily lives they will need to come with someone to help with their care requirements. However individuals can come without care if they don’t need it at all, or if they have low support needs and are attending a ‘Buddy’ course.   All attendees coming without care support will need to complete an Unaccompanied Individuals Information form. Download Unaccompanied Individuals form here.

Do your staff have relevant coaching and instructing qualifications for the activities?

Our Activities Team have a variety of qualifications associated with coaching and instructing, as well as relevant driving licenses for minibuses and towing trailers, first aid and safeguarding. Just click here to download the complete list.

How do you know the full requirements of my group in terms of disabilities and additional equipment?

We ask all groups to supply in advance a ‘Disability List’which asks specific questions on type of disability and level of mobility for each individual, just click here to download. More detailed information should also be put on each attendee’s medical form.

How do I get to the centre?

We are 5 miles outside Keswick on the A591 and for SatNav, our postcode is CA12 4QD,  just click here to go to Google maps. If you are a resident coming by public transport we can pick you up for free from Keswick Bus Station, or from Penrith Railway Station for a charge. Please call 0176877 72255 for more details on pick-ups.